Paragaliding in Okhla khal Pratapnagar, Tehri

Embrace the thrill of freedom as you soar through the skies. Discover the beauty from above with paragliding in Near Tehri Lake. Unleash your adventurous spirit and let your dreams take flight.

Soar to New Heights with Paragliding in Tehri

At Greens Valley Homestay & Resort, we believe in offering our guests a truly exhilarating experience. That's why we provide the thrilling activity of paragliding in Okhla khal, kandakhal, Pratapnagar. Set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and the stunning landscapes of Tehri Garhwal, paragliding offers a unique opportunity to soar through the sky and witness the breathtaking beauty of the region from a bird's-eye view. Whether you're an experienced paraglider or a novice looking for an adrenaline rush, our professional and certified instructors ensure your safety while guiding you through this awe-inspiring adventure.

Located just 4 kilometers from our homestay, our paragliding site offers the perfect launch point for your unforgettable journey. You'll ascend to the skies, feeling the rush of wind against your face as you glide above the picturesque valleys and glistening water bodies. Marvel at the lush greenery, the rugged mountains, and the pristine natural beauty that stretches as far as the eye can see. At Greens Valley Homestay & Resort, we provide not only luxurious accommodations and warm hospitality, but also access to this thrilling activity that will make your stay truly memorable.

Paragliding Package 1

4500 Rs for 10 min @Person
Include camera & videography

Paragliding Package 2

5500 Rs for 15 min @Person
Include camera & videography

mountain, paragliding, free flight-7863224.jpg

Paragliding Package 3

10000 Rs for 30 min @Person
Include camera & videography

gerlitz glacier, mountains, in the morning-190955.jpg
mountain, paragliding, free flight-7863224.jpg
Dobra-Chanti-Bridge view
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Get ready to embark on a breathtaking journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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